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Man forgets backpack at Copley T stop, but is arrested when he goes to retrieve it - because of the high-powered gun inside, police say

Transit Police report arresting a Boston man on gun charges at the Copley Green Line stop Sunday morning because of the "9mm handgun with a high capacity magazine, laser sight affixed and ammunition" inside his backpack.

Police say Arnoldo Lemus, 20, left his backpack on the platform when he boarded a trolley around 7 a.m., then returned to the station when he realized his mistake and began what they say was a frantic search for it.

The mistake proved even bigger than Lemus realized because a station attendant spotted the bag just sitting there and called police, who searched it and found the gun, magazine and ammo inside, so they were waiting when he returned, police say.

Police say Lemus was charged with unlawful possession of a gun, ammunition and a high-capacity feeding device.

Innocent, etc.


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