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Court officer charged in North End couch-moving rage that sent victim to the hospital with multiple broken bones

A Charlestown court officer who lives on Salem Street in the North End grew so angry at noise from a man helping a friend move a couch that he punched the man in the face, then pushed him down the stairs, breaking multiple bones in his legs that required surgery to set, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Before physically attacking the man, on Aug. 30, Anthony Firicano, 53, threatened to shoot and kill the two men, the DA's office alleges, adding this is not the first time Firicano has boiled over:

Firicano has a history of making threats to people in the building and at a nearby business. The threats have included blowing up buildings, shooting people and physically assaulting people.

Police records show the attack occurred around 7:20 pm. a couple doors in from Cross Street.

Firicano had bail set at $1,000 at his arraignment Wednesday in Boston Municipal Court, according to the DA's office, which says prosecutors had asked for bail of $15,000 on the charge of assault and battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

Firicano, a court officer at Charlestown Municipal Court, returns to BMC on Oct. 7. In addition to setting bail, Judge Erika Reis ordered Firicano to surrender any firearms, stay away from the scene of the crime and enroll in an anger-management course.

Innocent, etc.

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He must have thought this guy was an inmate so he thought he could put a beating on him and no one would say anything. I would love to audit an anger management class.

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Physically assaulting and threatening multiple people, including tossing a guy down a flight of stairs, threatening to blow up buildings, and he is still walking around free. I knew the turd had to be in law enforcement, and very connected.
$1000 bail? That judge needs to be removed, one way or another. She sounds as corrupt as Hayden.

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He works for the court. He’s not in law enforcement. He’s a bouncer.

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Seriously--you can easily kill someone by pushing them down stairs. By rights this dude should not have gotten bail, period. Let him calm down in jail, see what life is like when you're not a member of the biggest gang.

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Why is this asshole still employed if this ain't his first rodeo?

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He deserves to lose his job, plus he belongs behind bars, for a good long time.

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You really don't. I have observed them as a court evaluator.

Anger management isn't evidence-based, because "anger" isn't a clinical descriptor (well, aside from referring to a feeling, often justified, that one experiences in response to something) and there is no one clinical approach that's appropriate for, uh, all situations in which someone did something that landed them in a courtroom and the judge rattled off "anger management."

It's pretty much a clusterfuck, because it's not even all or mostly perpetrators. It's a lot of domestic violence survivors and perfectly healthy normal people who yelled at a DCF worker or cop who was violating the fuck out of their civil rights. Some programs are more like mindfulness, because the organization knows it's a bullshit program and might as well provide something anyone can make use of. Others run it like offender treatment, where they make you admit you caused harm.

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Yelling at somebody is one thing, but physically assaulting and seriously injuring them is way the hell over the top. Firiciano deserves to be arrested, tried, charged with assault and battery, and given a long sentence in a tough penitentiary through an adult court of law.

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are good people. But he was always a loose cannon, and I am not surprised by this.

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You're a court officer???

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… but wrong!

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