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DA moves to seize money found after man who was already facing trial as a drug dealer was arrested on new drug charges in West Roxbury

A Dedham man indicted on drug-trafficking charges by a Suffolk County grand jury last fall was arrested on Corey Street in West Roxbury last month on new drug-trafficking charges.

In a filing in Suffolk Superior Court last week, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office began the steps to seize the $9,337 police allegedly found along with the drugs. If the man is convicted, the DA would then keep the money - and split it with Boston Police.

The charges that result from his Dana Jones's Aug. 13 stop are in addition to the charges of trafficking Class A drugs, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute and possession of a Class E drug with intent to distribute - and driving with a suspended license - on which he was indicted in October and for which he faces trial in March.

According to the filing and BPD records, Jones was driving down Corey Street near the municipal parking lot and the train station shortly before 5 p.m. on Aug. 13. Officers on patrol, who had been alerted to look for him after getting a tip he might be carrying drugs and possibly even a gun, spotted him pull his white Accord over, get out and start "shuffling through his pants."

They told him to get his hands away from his pants - he allegedly said he was just trying to pull his pants up - and asked for his license and registration. Confirming it was Jones, and knowing he was driving with a suspended license, they cuffed him.

On a pat frisk, officers "felt what was consistent with plastic bags," the filing continues. They then "removed from his person" what the DA says was a medium plastic bag containing what appeared to be fentanyl, a small plastic bag, also with apparent fentanyl, three medium plastic bags containing what sure looked like crack and two packages of what appeared to be suboxone. Police also recovered $9,337 in cash, although the filing does not specify if that was also on Jones or in the car.

They did not find a gun.

In addition to driving with a suspended license, Jones was then also charged with possession of a Class A drug with intent to distribute, police records show.

In the filing, the DA's office asked a judge to let BPD hold onto the drugs as possible "controlled substances" and the cash as proceeds related to drug sales. If Jones is convicted on the new charges, the money would then be forfeited to the government permanently.

Innocent, etc.

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Massachusetts' overly strict window tint law provides generous pretext to the police to stop and search anyone they want.

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If you were a police officer, how stressed would you feel every time you had to walk up to a driver's window during some traffic stop and not be able to see in? Being able to see in might reduce trigger-happiness, idk?

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Why do they act like they are about to shoot you over a tinted window?
the police drive around in cars with "blackout" windows and carrying high powered assault weapons as matter of routine. Clearly illegal for anybody else. Laws for thee but not for BPD.
How stressful for a disarmed public, minding their own business, to be stopped by a bunch of unknown strung out looking dudes not in police uniform, who jump out of an illegally tinted vehicle and are pointing guns at you. Can you see how someone reasonable might wonder are these the police or bandits?

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To be clear, he hasn’t been convicted of anything, but our worst-in-the-country forfeiture laws mean that only probable cause is necessary to take the money.


Also, hundred dollar Hayden lives nearby and is easily persuaded, missed opportunity to make this all go away.

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If we got rid of the window tint law, they could use "driving eratically." That's usually what they use when they want to intercept a drug shipment without revealing their informant.

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