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Two alleged brawlers arrested after Mass and Cass gunfire

Boston Police report officers who heard a single gunshot across from the Southampton Street shelter early Wednesday arrested two of three men they found brawling there.

According to police, when the officers, on dedicated Mass and Cass patrol, heard a gunshot around 1:15 a.m.:

Officers observed a large group of people immediately dispersing from the area, and three males engaged in a physical confrontation. Officers then heard the sound of metal hitting the pavement and subsequently recovered a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Police say the officers were able to nab Eddie Walker, 51, and Torre Jenkins, 48, but that the third alleged fighter managed to run away. Police add:

Despite a multitude of witnesses being present, no one would provide information to Officers, and they could not determine who possessed the firearm.

Walker was charged with affray and possession of a Class B substance, police say. Jenkins was charged with affray.

Innocent, etc.


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