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Downtown bank robber arrested as soon as he walked out of the bank, police say

Boston Police report officers responding to a robbery at the Bank of America branch at 6 Tremont St. yesterday afternoon found the doors locked. So they waited until Gary Trecartin, 55, walked out and promptly arrested him for the robbery.

Police say Trecartin entered the bank shortly after 2 p.m. and presented a demand note to a teller. He left soon after - only to be stopped by the waiting officers, one of whom reached into his left pants pocket and retrieved a wad of cash that matched the amount the bank said had just been stolen.

Innocent, etc.



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This was not well thought out. Where was he going to go if he did get out of the bank without being arrested. The Federal Courthouse is behind him and the the FBI headquarters and City Hall are to his left, a Dunkin Donuts is to his right. The odds are there are plenty of Police Officers in that general area anytime that bank is open. Really not well thought out.

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hasn't thought things through. Banks have gotten this down to a well-practiced art, with their cameras, silent alarms, flexible dye packs (hard to find and remove, GPS trackers, and probably other techniques.

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Or were they only locked from the outside? I suppose having more people in the bank would have only made things more difficult for the police.

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Now that’s what I call prompt service!

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