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Excavation worker shot to death in front of his family on Harvard Street in Dorchester

Dump truck

The man's dump truck. Photo by Live Boston.

Victim identified as Elijah Pinckney, 35, of Dorchester.

A man was shot at Harvard and Paxton streets around 1:15 p.m. Boston Police report he was declared dead at the scene.

Live Boston reports the victim was a worker for Riley Brothers, a Stoughton company that specializes in paving and utility work, and that he was shot repeatedly as his family watched. A company dump truck was parked nearby.

Boston murders in 2022.



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Our public officials in Boston do not care about the people impacted by gun violence, whether it is someone murdered in front of their family or a 14 year old in broad daylight. The readers of this site also don’t seem to care much either, based on the volume of comments about these tragedies.

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You see most people on UHub are afraid to comment on the gun violence because:

1 - It doesn't involve bullying of kids on playgrounds by jerk parents.

2. - There are no cars in the bike lanes at any of the shootings.

3 - Many people are too afraid to comment because to them 3/4's of mile on either side of Blue Hill Avenue is a world away from their world despite only being a few thousand yards from them and in some cases less. There are many here who know where Harambee Park is. There are lots lots more who have been to Paris rather than to Codman Square.

4 - Most of the people here are as white as a group of schoolgirls from Helsinki out in a blizzard. They are afraid if they say anything about the shootings it might be seen as racist and get excoriated here by the standards of the nice little upscale suburban Potemkin villages most of them grew up in.

5. - If you say something like "The police should do more" you get branded as a bootlicker to the fascists overlords or some crap like that. This is mostly from people whose only interaction with the police has involved them getting chased from the woods while drinking as a teenager or having to file a report after their Canada Goose jacket was boosted when they left it on the back of a chair at the college library.

A murder of a person just trying to do their job digging a hole for a utility line is a heinous crime. Plain and simple.

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describe how awful this, your response, is on so many levels. I agree with you that murder should be recognized as such. It is beyond heinous (and here you are using it for what are political purposes).

On that note, your point 4 is hilarious because your shtick is basically the most white thing anyone ever could say, that is, that they are victims because they are afraid of talking about race and class. Especially since you're the dude that imagines Catholics as being victimized beyond all else. It is hard to imagine a more white concern in this context, since I don't see Catholics being marginalized in our democratic process, much less on the Supreme Court.

I appreciate you're trying to point out liberal hypocrisy, which I sympathize with, but your post also has no small amount of hypocrisy.

There are no words for the loss here. Condolences to the family.

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It's awful. Something should be done about it. People disagree about what that thing should be. The debate about gun ownership is deeply polarized in this country, and it's not clear what other, local solutions are available.

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