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Police: Kid from Lawrence came down to Roxbury to sell some drugs

Boston Police report drug-unit officers arrested a 15-year-old from Lawrence at Walnut Park and Walnut Avenue in Roxbury Wednesday afternoon after they watched him sell some drugs out of a parked car.

Police say officers from the District B-2 drug unit were in the area "conducting an ongoing drug investigation" around 3:45 p.m. when:

They observed what appeared to be a street level drug transaction between occupants of two motor vehicles.

Officers made contact with a 15-year-old suspect as he exited a nearby parked motor vehicle. After further investigation and the review of surveillance footage, officers recovered twenty-six plastic bags of Fentanyl, twenty-two bags of crack cocaine and $390.00 in US Currency.

The teen, too young to have his name released, was charged with being delinquent for trafficking between 28-99 grams of Class A drugs, trafficking between 14 and 27 grams of Class B drugs and distribution of Class A drugs, police say.



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