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Police find dead person in 12th-floor Northampton Street apartment - and a live person who jumped out a window, but was saved

Victim identified as Jose Aponte.

Boston Police report officers called to do a well being check on a resident at 35 Northampton St. shortly after 8 p.m. last night eventually broke into the apartment when they got no response to their knocking and found a body.

Then they discovered a second, still living, person in the apartment, and based on their interactions, declared a barricaded-person situation and called in a SWAT unit. The SWAT unit entered and tried to get the person to surrender, but negotiations did not end well. In fact, they eventually shot him with "less lethal" projectiles.

Boston SWAT officers entered the apartment and were met with a physical threat. Officers used de-escalation tactics and eventually use of less lethal force was deployed by officers. 

At that time, the suspect dove out a 12th floor window but was caught up and was hanging from the window. SWAT officers were able to enter an apartment on the 11th floor and pull the suspect through the window. The suspect was secured and transported to a local hospital suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Police did not say that any charges have been brought.



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So I guess that's not the Nurse's building anymore. Swear to God, when it was first built and I was but a young sprout with very annoying earaches, my Grandmother, who was a registered Nurse at Mass State Hospital told me it was built for the nurses at Boston City Hospital as it was called then.

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The Heartbreak Hotel because of all the divorcees that lived there.

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