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Person stabbed at Theater District club; melee erupts

Scene at Venu

Scene outside Venu. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports one person was stabbed at Venu, 100 Warrenton St. in the Theater District, late Sunday night and that several brawls erupted after police arrived.

The stabbing was a week after one person was shot, another stabbed outside Moxy, also in the Theater District.



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So, did we just move "The Combat Zone" to the "The Theater District" now?

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If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the Combat Zone pretty much in the same area?

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But there was less combat in the Combat Zone. It was more Theatrical.

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No actually "The Theater District" and "The Combat Zone" are/were two distinct parts of the city divided by Marginal Road and Boylston Street. The Emerson Theater, (Saxon) and The Wang Center, (Music Hall) were movie houses not theatrical venues when "The Combat Zone" was a going concern.

The Colonial Theater kind of messes up the exact boundaries but that's Boston for you.

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This is why Magoo doesn’t go clubbing anymore. Magoo can do a mean Robot dance that Magoo calls the “Magoo-Robot” and Magoo use to do this every weekend at the clubs in town to much fanfare alas Magoo is now too scared of being emotionally and physically harmed. Magoo.

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I've read about and had seen fights, stabbings, robberies, prostitution and shootings in the Combat Zone" but not once have I read or seen anything that could be called a "Melee".

Maybe the theater district could use some peepshows, dirty book stores and topless shoeshines to calm it down?

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