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Teen stabbed in the back on Temple Place downtown; two other teens arrested, one just 13

Updated Monday with arrest info.

A 15-year-old was stabbed in the back on Temple Place near Tremont Street around 7:40 p.m.

His attacker was described as another teen, in a black ski mask, silver jacket and dark pants. Not long after, police stopped a Silver Line bus on Tremont Street, near Boylston Street, where they found a suspect and a possible accomplice, along with a knife.

Boston Police report the two teens ran down Tremont and got on the bus at Tremont and Avery streets - only to then get arrested a block away.

After further investigation and reviewing surveillance footage, officers recovered a folding knife and arrested a 17-year-old male juvenile and a 13-year-old male juvenile, both of Boston.  

Both were charged with being delinquent for assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and committing a crime in a joint venture, police say.

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And is only a few steps away from offering riders a full murder mystery performance.

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Other then using the T as a means of escape this has nothing to do with Transit Police or the T.

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And once they got on the bus they were arrested a block later. Your need to blame The Man and not the criminals is showing.

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The arrest took place on the T, but the stabbing happened in the street.

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This is getting ridiculous

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occurred at a Silver line bus stop at Temple place so it did occur on the MBTA. I could be wrong but aren't the Transit Police responsible for safety on the Silver Line.

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