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Medical assistant at Back Bay health center charged with raping patient in exam room

A medical assistant at the MGH Back Bay Health Center, 388 Commonwealth Ave., was arrested yesterday after allegedly raping a patient whom he first told to undress for a test allegedly ordered by a doctor, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Damien Knighton, 39, of East Boston, was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail at his arraignment today in Roxbury Municipal Court, the DA's office says.

The DA's office provided this account of what happened Wednesday afternoon, after the man went into an exam room for what he thought would be a routine follow-up exam for injuries to his shoulder and leg:

The victim was approached by the medical assistant and defendant, Damien Knighton, who said the doctor requested an additional test. Prior to the test Knighton asked the victim to remove his clothes and told the victim he would be examining his penis and testicles. Knighton then moved the victim’s penis side to side, touched his testicles, and asked if blood was rushing to his penis. Knighton then inserted his finger into the victim’s rectum. He then asked him to turn around and repeated the insertion for a second time. The victim then got dressed and inquired with other staff about the examination. He concluded he was sexually assaulted and called 911.

Innocent, etc.



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I used to go to this medical center 7-8 years ago and eventually changed my primary care dr. To Beth Isreal because it was so poorly run and everyone who worked here was totally rude and lacking compassion.

Not surprised someone like this was working there. Not sure where they found their staff but they were all horrible people.

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