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Stretch of Washington Street in Roslindale shut after man police say was driving a stolen car crashed, then ran away

A Ford Fusion reported stolen on Cohasset Street around 8:50 p.m. wound up crashed into two other cars around 9:10 p.m. at Washington and Cedrus Avenue, after which the driver got out and ran back up Washington towards Cornell Street, where he managed to evade police.

Police shut Washington Street between Beech Street and Metropolitan Avenue as they and a tracking dog roamed through side streets and backyards looking for him.

After a dispatcher described the stolen vehicle and its plate number, one officer spotted it up near Forest Hills, heading towards Roslindale Square. He began following it - although not with his blue lights on - the driver turned left onto Elven Road, then turned back onto Washington and continued into Roslindale Square and down Washington towards Beech Street, before crashing at Cedrus Street.

The road has since been re-opened.



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