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Alleged Cambridge Street bank robber made two mistakes: He didn't check his loot for a tracker and he tried escaping on the Red Line

A man with a criminal record dating to 1990 was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bail at his arraignment on a charge that he robbed the TD Bank branch at 250 Cambridge St. on Beacon Hill on Tuesday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Joseph Campbell, 59, who racked up a series of thefts and assaults in Utah before he moved to the Boston area - where he picked up where he left off in Utah - walked into the bank around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday and, according to the DA's office, wrote "I have a bomb on me give me 3,000 in hundreds” on a blank deposit slip and passed it to a teller.

The witnesses stated they gave the man approximately $2,000 in cash, and the man left the bank. Unknown to the man, the bills provided had a GPS tracker between them. Bank employees triggered a panic alarm after the man left. Officers proceeded to use the GPS unit to track the man to the Park Street MBTA station.

Officers found him on a Red Line platform, " various dollar bills in [his] front left pants pocket" and arrested him on a charge of armed robbery. Police also found "the pen used to write the ransom note, the note itself, $1,888 in cash and the GPS tracker," the DA's office reports.

In January, another alleged mastermind tried to flee from a Beacon Hill bank robbery on the Red Line. Didn't work out any better for him.

Innocent, etc.



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“In spite of the end of the space shuttle program and the resulting unemployment among NASA technical people, you find remarkably few actual rocket scientists among the ranks of low level criminals.” —- a guy I know in the Brookline PD.

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Hedge funds hired all the rocket scientists.

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Yeah but don't forget some of biggest criminals and cocaine addicts came out of Wall Street. Now it's hedge funds and the pharmaceutical racket.

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hire the rocket scientists.

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