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Three students at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester stabbed in fight near school

A large fight among TechBoston Academy students that started on the basketball court in Roberts Playground near Armandine and Washington streets ended with three students stabbed and a fourth under arrest.

Police initially responded around 2:45 p.m. to Armandine and Washington streets on a report involving students fighting with knives and guns. On arrival, they found nobody, but soon after found two students stabbed, one who had taken refuge in a store there, a second a block away at Ashmont and Montague streets.

Live Boston reports a third victim was later found, and that none of the injuries are considered life threatening.

One student among a group of students who had walked down Ashmont Street was placed in custody as a suspect at the Ashmont MBTA station.



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I wish we didn’t need them, but it’s clear we do.

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If you read the article you will see that it didn't happen in the school.

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You’d realize that the BB court is basically part of the school, as it the large soccer & football field.

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Right outside, yes. Also if you read the article (link) you’d note BPS resource responded.

“ Boston Public Schools Safety Services also radioed in a report to Boston Police Operations that there was a large fight involving weapons at or near the school and they needed assistance.”

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It happened on the grounds next to the school where football is played etc. and by school students. So what is the point you are making?

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A bit prematurely

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BPS has to come up with a solution to the daily fights and brawls in the streets and at Ashmont station. Punishing teens with a 'Time Out' is not working.

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BPD has to come up with a solution to the daily fights and brawls in the streets and at Ashmont station. Ignoring these (apparently) daily occurrences is not working.

(I’m just kidding of course. Expecting the BPD that’s sworn to protect and serve — given badges and guns to protect and serve — to actually protect and serve is pretty stupid.)

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In response to the person that said it didn't happen in school I can almost promise u it did that school needs help those students fight on a daily basis in and outside of the school and this has been going on for years something needs to be done about this issue and the girls r way worst they r always fighting at that park it usually starts in school and ends in the park thats the meet up place for the boxing matches they have police in the front of the building they just go to the back or to the the park and fight the school knows who the trouble makers they suspend them for 1 to 3 days and they come back worst but whrn it happened in Medford there was a whole plan in place wats going on in thes BPS schools

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I don’t see how BPS escapes receivership again. The Fn buses are still a mess and the constant violence is out of hand.

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