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Man, kid beat up another man at Forest Hills, police say

Transit Police report that a 19-year-old man and an 11-year-old boy punched and kicked a 63-year-old man in the upper busway at the Forest Hills T station around 8 p.m. on Monday.

Jaydis Simmons-Cumba was charged with assault and battery on a person over 65, police say. The victim was treated at the scene by EMTs.

Innocent, etc.

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Why is your 11-year old kid running around with a 19-tear old? At 8pm too!

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The 11 year old could be the 19 year old's sibling.

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What’s your point?

Even if he is, the parents have done a shit job raising both.

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I was explaining why it might be perfectly understandable why a 11 & 19 year old to spend time together.

Chances are this child isn't from a functional family. You can charge their legal guardian but it's not going to solve any family or parenting problems.

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School activities and other student events run well into the evening, even for 11 year olds.

It would not be uncommon for a 19 year old sibling, relative, or even paid neighbor to be escorting a kid home from an event at 8pm.

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That's some escort there. Did it go like this?

"Listen younger sibling, I am going to pick you up after chess club and you and I are going to take the MBTA home".

"Sure thing older brother. Wouldn't it be great if we kicked the stuffing out of a 63 year old!".

"Let's see what we can do, after all, as siblings, 8 o'clock is a school night is late but we can see if we can get some wilding in if the train is delayed".

"Great, See you then".

"Love you"

"Love you too".

What planet are you from? Seriously. There is devil's advocation and there is straight lunacy. It appears you have decided to go with lunacy (again).

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A 63-year old person is a person younger than 65 years old. Not older.

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They're charging the assailants with A&B on person over 65, but the victim is 63?

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Is a crime in itself. Perhaps that was what the report meant to say.

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IIRC that law applies to anyone over 60.

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Felony threshold is 60, not 65.

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There are some very obvious problems here and I'm willing to bet that a lack of parental supervision isn't helping.

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It’s sad a man minding his own business was assaulted . As for the other two, they choose to do what they did. No one forced them to.

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