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Man trying to tear down handicap-parking sign in the North End is arrested, but for the half-pound of fentanyl he was holding, police say

Boston Police report that officers on patrol in the North End Thursday night spotted a guy trying to tear down a "Handicap" parking sign, so they got out of their cruiser for a chat.

Police say that after talking to the two officers outside 149 Fulton St. for a bit, William Schofield, 26, of Charlestown, threw a plastic bag filled with a substance down to the ground and tried to run away, but he proved unable to outrun the law and was put in handcuffs.

Officers later determined the drugs to be about approximately 216 grams of fentanyl.

Schofield was charged with trafficking a Class A drug, resisting arrest and vandalism, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Nice work officers.

I hope the parking sign is still in place, also.

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Was he too lazy to find a different parking spot or does he have something against handicapped parking? Whatever the case, a ton of people aren't going to accidentally overdose now because of this clown.

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