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Person shot in the head next to playground at Thetford and Evans in Dorchester

Crime scene next to Dorchester playground

Crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports somebody was shot in the head Thetford Avenue near Evans Street - and the Thetford-Evans Playground - shortly before 10:45 a.m.



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At least not in the playground


WTF ? Please more police presence and patrols to deter violence, guns, and murder and prevent it ftom happening before it starts. This is more important than anything right now. I don't want to hear "it starts at home" or finger pointing. We need protection.


I'm not sure that more Police would help reduce violence, guns, and murder at anonymous person. It seems like the more guns the Police take off the street the more people get shot.

BTW that's totally apocryphal. I do not believe any type of survey or study has been made that would corroborate my statement. It's just a weird feeling I have. A really bad feeling.


When we try for sensible government with sensible gun reform, the gun factories ramp up. Everyone thinks that they won't be able to buy a gun soon, so they buy guns they never use and then sell them later. My brother can't get normal ammo in fall (hunting season) of an election year because the store sells out.


Come on now! Police are needed, whether some people like them or not. There's not enough protection in the Helen Street are, or in the whole area, generally. The people who favor abolishing the police don't seem to understand that. What is needed is an overhaul and a reform of the police here in Boston, and the United States, generally.