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Man came a long way to fail at robbing South Bay bank branch, police say

Surveillance photos of would-be Newmarket Square bank robber

Boston Police report arresting a Cape Cod man whose attempt to rob bank branch inside the South Bay Stop & Shop, 1100 Massachusetts Ave., failed when a teller refused to give him any money.

Police say Lukas Gauthier, 27, of Mashpee, walked up to the counter at the branch around 11 a.m. on Saturday, went up to a teller window and "passed a note and indicated that he was armed with a firearm but no weapon was seen."

But his plan was foiled when the teller said no, and he ran out and disappeared.

But around 10 p.m., officers in the South End approached a motor vehicle, at Washington and East Berkeley streets, that had been reported stolen. Gauthier was initially charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle and driving with a suspended license, but then realized he was also a suspect in the bank incident and further charged him with attempted bank robbery.

Innocent, etc.



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Nice work Teller. Nice work, BPD.

I wish we had a way to find out more about these "stories". Did he steal the car on the Cape? Or take the bus to Boston to steal one? Was he here for work? Or for the illegal drugs, or the methadone, and swung thru the bank before heading out for more chores?

Are the police really that on-the-lookout for stolen cars? Or did this one have some obvious clue? What gave the teller the gumption to just say no?

This would make a good true-crime story on local cable...


giving their response in the style of "computer says no".

early Woody Allen film "Take The Money And Run", Virgil Stark gives the teller the note and he says, "This says "gub." He says, "No, it's gun." The teller calls the manager over to clarify the word on the note. By the time they figure it out, the cops are there to take poor schmuck Virgil away.
Always use good penmanship and grammar when handing a teller such a note.


You mention the Citizen's Bank in the Stop & Shop, then refer to the credit union (Metro CU?) The police only refer to the 1100 block for the attempted bank robbery.

Stupid mistake fixed. BPD gives exact addresses, then, for some reason, almost always prefaces that with something like "in the area of."

MassCass has regulars from CapeCod, North Shore, South Shore, Merrimack Valley, etc. I'm sure he is familiar with the area and acquaintances there very well.