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West End man who left his apartment door unlocked murdered by New Yorker who snuck in, slashed his throat, ate some of his food, DA says

A Brooklyn man was arraigned today on charges he walked into an apartment at the West End Apartments last month and fatally slashed the throat of a 75-year-old man who often kept his door unlocked so neighbors and caretakers could check on him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Dion Pelzer, 30, of Brooklyn, was charged with murder and being a fugitive from justice in Boston Municipal Court. Judge Tracy-Lee Lyons ordered him held without bail, the DA's office says. He is wanted for a Jan. 23 stabbing in Brooklyn. He was arrested yesterday at Tufts Medical Center after causing a violent commotion, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office:

Assistant District Attorney Ursula Knight, chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney Civil Rights/High-Risk Victim’s Unit, said video surveillance shows Pelzer enter the secured apartment building at 65 Martha Road behind a resident at about 9:30 p.m. on February 15. Pelzer took an elevator to the 11th floor, where video shows him attempting to enter numerous apartments. He then took the elevator down to the 10th floor before returning to the 11th floor to continue testing doors.

The victim, David MacDonald, often left his door unlocked so neighbors and Good Samaritan services such as Meals on Wheels America could bring food without him having to get up and open the door, Knight said.

Knight said Pelzer entered MacDonald’s apartment and slashed his throat. Pelzer then ate MacDonald’s food and slept on his couch.

At about 8:40 the next morning neighbors knocked on MacDonald’s door, which was closed and locked, and received no response. Surveillance video shows Pelzer leaving the building at about 9:13 that morning. Pelzer stole MacDonald’s wallet, credit cards and keys, Knight said.

After investigating surveillance footage and other evidence, authorities issued a warrant for Pelzer’s arrest on Friday, March 10. On Monday, March 13, Boston police responded to a disturbance at Tufts Medical Center and detained a man, later identified as Pelzer.

Innocent, etc.

Boston murders in 2023.



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…but having my father living in a similar arrangement, I hope this filth ends up where it belongs.


as long as it's not too harsh


But I agree on capital punishment provided all the evidence is admitted at trial. Seems like there has been a rash of incompetent defense lawyers lately who somehow miss evidence that has been readily available and leads to people serving ridiculously long sentences when if that evidence had been submitted at trial they would more than likely have gotten off. Same goes for prosecution attorneys who hide evidence. Arrgh! Nevermind. I disagree with you about capital punishment. At least with a life sentence there is a chance to find such evidence if it exists.

In theory, my personal ethics are compatible with state-sponsored killings under *very specific circumstances*. But those circumstances would be so rare that it would be difficult to put into policy.

Ultimately, killing someone is irreversible. If the system makes a mistake, too bad. And mistakes happen all the time in the justice system.

there was not a part of me that wants this idiot perp to die in prison, either of old-age or perhaps to be himself murdered or put to death by the state. I wish that part of me was not there, but it is. I can't help it, and that's my excuse.


Mr Pelzer should never be heard from again.

Gone from society. Disappeared to some place where he can do no more harm until he's truly gone.


If not, why not? This is horrific of the George Parkman scale.


What led him to this particular building all the way from Brooklyn, NY? Is there an accomplice who lives in the building?

Thoughts to the family. Hopefully the trial goes quickly so they can get some closure.

Also, how scary for others living in the building. I hope this is a wake-up call to people to be more aware and not just let others in if they don't recognize them.

We call it "piggybacking" in the security business. It's a case where someone who does not live in a given building follows immediately behind someone who does that has access. Which is exactly what happened here according to the DA. No one let him in.

It’s hard to stop someone from piggybacking, particularly if they use physical force or threaten violence.

Not always easy to turn around and confront them.