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Man was ambling around downtown with a loaded gun and crack, police say

Boston Police report arresting a man on the Common they say was in possession of "a Walther PPK/S-1 .380 ACP firearm with six rounds of ammunition in the magazine and several plastic bags containing a white rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine" Friday evening.

Police say bike officers on patrol first spotted Isaias Plaza, 23, of East Boston, "openly drinking alcohol in public" in front of 131 Tremont St., near Winter Street, around 7:05 p.m. They approached him, but Plaza was not in a chatty mood and instead tried to flee by running into the Common, which did not work, police say.

Plaza was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of Class B drugs with intent to distribute and resisting arrest, police say, adding he was already wanted on a drug-distribution warrant out of Boston Municipal Court and a warrant alleging domestic assault and battery from Chelsea District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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007 has fallen on hard times, it seems…

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On the double "0" agents really hitting bottom. Also, that's a pricey little gun, what are the odds it was stolen.

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This Isais Plaza? If so - killed a woman, did two years; if the above allegations are all true, enough chances - hope we're rid of him swiftly & for a long time.

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