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Gunfire on Malcolm X Boulevard leads to arrest of 14-year-old with a loaded gun, police say

Boston Police report officers responding to a Shotspotter alert of gunfire outside the O'Bryant School, 55 Malcolm X. Blvd. around 12:45 a.m. on Monday arrested a 14-year-old with a loaded gun - after he allegedly reached for it in his waistband.

Police say the officers who arrived on scene were given descriptions of two people spotted running from the scene.

Officers began to canvass the surrounding area and located the two suspects.

Officers spoke with both suspects, and observed one of the suspects reaching for his waistband. Officers immediately attempted to grab the suspect’s hands, and a struggle ensued. Officers were quickly able to place the suspect into handcuffs and recovered a loaded firearm from his waistband. The firearm was later determined to be an H&R Model 949 with four rounds in the chamber.

The teen, too young to have his name publicly released, was charged as delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.



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If there was only a road diet of Malcolm X Boulevard, there might be less chances of shootings.

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