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Police arrest small-fry burglars they say smashed their way into a downtown smoke shop early this morning

Boston Police report a 14-year-old from Dorchester and a 12-year-old from South Boston were busy stuffing their backpacks with merchandise inside a Tremont Street smoke shop around 1:20 this morning when officers, summoned by the alarm they triggered, arrived.

Police say the diminutive desperadoes had used "cement like rocks" to smash in the front door at the Blue Moon Smoke Shop, 145 Tremont St, setting off the store's alarm.

Police say the pint-sized purloiners had managed to stuff roughly $1,000 of merchandise in their backpacks by the time officers arrived.

Both were charged with being delinquent for breaking and entering a building with intent to commit a felony.



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Would love to understand how both a 14 year old & 12 year old are out & about at 1:20am on a school night. Would hope the timing alone opens a DCF investigation.

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I'm betting that they are not doing this on their own, but that there are adults involved who are sending them out and then selling the haul - like parents or family members. Might be interesting to see where they headed after they were done.

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