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Police officer trying to break up armed robbery is shot twice on Cedric Street in Roxbury

Stanley Staco and Live Boston report a BPD officer was shot in the back and the foot Cedric Street near Langdon Street around 9:15 p.m.

Police Commissioner Michael Cox, speaking at Boston Medical Center, said the officer's injuries are not life threatening. He said the officer and his partner, while on patrol, spotted an armed robbery in progress. When they got out, the suspect fired, then ran into the three-story industrial building there.



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Trying to prevent a robbery pray that he makes a full recovery. The press conference turned into a circus when some clown starting screaming obscenities and slurs at the Mayor and Police Commissioner.

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Got charged for disrupting a Rachael Rollins press conference (charges were dropped later) and famously called William Gross a "fat cowboy" during another presser.

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Hope they manage to catch the guy, too. :-/

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Perp was captured near the shooting scene

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