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Woman who asks some teens to quiet down on the Red Line gets shot in the face with a gel gun, police say

Transit Police report arresting several teens they say responded to a woman's request to settle down on the Red Line Thursday night by pointing gel-pellet guns at her - with one opening fire and shooting her in the mouth.

Police say the woman, 49, asked "numerous juveniles behaving disruptively/disorderly on board" to "cease their behavior" around 9 p.m. Instead, as the train pulled into JFK/UMass one of the teens "fired several rounds of Gel Beads directly in her face," causing damage to her teeth, police say.

Officers managed to get to the station in time to detain the teens and transport them to TPD headquarters on Southampton Street, where they were released to the custody of their parents or guardians, police say, adding the gel guns were confiscated. Also: "Appropriate charges will be sought."

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I never even heard of a gel gun. Man, we live in crazy times. There seem to be feral people all over the T in a way I never previously saw in my 40+ years as a rider. What is the cause of this?

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Or risk getting hurt. Teenage troublemakers running wild on the T is a problem that politicians, the courts and police refuse to address.

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Don't end it there. Lawyer up and get the dental work paid by parents, and MBTA .

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Could have hit her in the eye. It’s not worth saying anything to anyone these days.

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Arresting kids like this and giving them a record won't curb them. The state needs to come up with a program that would require them to do several things like community service, write an apology to their victim, be publicly scorned by thier community, meet regularly with a behavioral psychologist and other things.

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Far too often though, the parents are as useless as the kids. If both parents are still around then that's even better.

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Kind of like what schools used to be, that offers extracurricular activities and social connections. And if a student acts up they get detention as well as a positive role model that spends time with them. Kids learn such bad behavior from tiktok and youtube these days instead of their parents teaching them how to respond to requests to do something!

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Friday PM some kids were .. I have no idea what they were doing.. reminded me of tag or something. Just blocking the platform while hundreds of people try to get off a train. They didn't care, they just kept on kept on.

No one dares say anything anymore.. this article is the reason why. You don't know what these kids are packing these days.. a knife, a gel gun, or a real gun.

I dont feel unsafe on the T, but more annoyed at the shenanigans that these kids pull on the subway every single day. And of course there's never any T police around to help move the kids along. (and it's not the station attendants job, other than to call TPD)

Amazing what would happen if TPD rode the trains and patrolled the stations on foot vs sitting in their cars at Ruggles or cutting up with Boston PD at a job site.

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A paint ball gun? In the mouth?
This is attempted murder and the shooters should not have been let go.

The T needs to take responsibility for its situation. Seems like everyone there hates their job and the stations are atrocious. Why does Europe and Asia have good transit and ours stinks?
I have been on it where the teens have been out of control zero help from T staff - either hiding or absent.
This behavior can’t be tolerated at all anywhere or we are going to turn into chicago with 20 shootings a night.

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Have good transit because its riders are civilized, which is the result of good social programs that stop kids from becoming violent, hateful teenagers.

The check for that in this country got sent to Ukraine instead.

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