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Stabby teens arrested downtown

Boston Police report arresting three teens in two separate knife incidents yesterday, at the Downtown Crossing Macy's and near City Hall.

Police report having to respond to Macy's shortly after 5:30 p.m. when a group of alleged young hooligans causing a disturbance in the basement responded at first to a security guard telling them to knock it off by pummeling him with pillows but that one then decided to escalate by whipping out a knife and putting it up to the guard's stomach:

The security guard attempted to disarm the suspect, and he was punched multiple times, and was cut on his hand. The security guard, fearing for his safety, attempted to leave the area, and was pursued by two juvenile suspects. A second security guard tried to assist, and was also attacked by the juveniles who fled the store.

Officers were provided a description from Operations of the fleeing suspects. Officers immediately observed a suspect being chased by Transit Police Officers. Officers exited their cruiser and attempted to stop the suspect. A struggle ensued, and officers were able to place the suspect into handcuffs. As officers searched the suspect, they recovered a knife from his pants pocket.

As officers were placing the suspect into a marked cruiser for transport, they observed the second suspect in the immediate area. The second suspect was taken into custody without incident, and a knife was recovered from his waistband.

The guard was treated at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries, police say. The kids, one 13, the other 15, were arrested on charges of being delinquent for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery, police say.

About a half hour later, police report, officers responded to the Staples at 1 Washington Mall, between City Hall and the Old State House, where an employee told police a 15-year-old pulled a knife on her and then tried to kick his way into the store after she and other employees worked to keep the front door shut even as he tried to kick his way into the store.

The suspect walked in the front entrance of the store and kicked in one of the signs in the front entrance and also pushed the cart of one of the customers who was leaving the store. The victim stated that when she asked the suspect if everything is ok, he brandished a folding Knife at which time the victim immediately held the second door which gave access to the store shut. The suspect tried to pull the door open and started kicking the door. The victim stated that other employees at the store had to come help her hold the door shut so the victim would not get access to the store.

Police say officers found the teen in front of City Hall. He was arrested on a charge of being delinquent for assault with a dangerous weapon. Police add:

During the booking process it was discovered that the suspect had multiple open cases for ABDW knife. The suspect informed officers that as soon as he was released from police custody he would go right to the South Bay Mall.



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I hope his social worker has a Kevlar Clipboard,

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That's the weakest form of street cred.

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Is expensive

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Seriously...where are the parents?!? Oh right, if they are doing this garbage they problem don't have any or don't have ones who care what they are up to. (or worse, doing the same sht their kids are doing).


The suspect informed officers that as soon as he was released from police custody he would go right to the South Bay Mall.

And probably to go cause more trouble down there. Maybe instead of being released he should spend a few days in lock up. Might realize that these 'petty' offenses are going to build up to something like alot of jail time.

Although I dont think the threat of jail is enough these days to tame these kids. Although I am not sure what else we can do. If these kids are doing this crap now, I can almost guarantee they will have a life in and out of the judicial and prison system. They won't stop.

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The parents are working long hours to afford to live anywhere at all.

Where were your parents at that age?

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I was a latchkey kid, as my parents divorced when I was a young kid. (like six)

We were left alone from 5a to 8a, and then again in the afternoon from 2pm until 6pm

We could be trusted to be alone and not get into trouble. The only issue my dad ever had was us breaking into his bedroom (he kept it locked b/c he had guns in there) because we wanted to play the stereo that he kept in there.

We certainly weren't going all around town with knives causing issues like this. We were raised better than this and taught that that behavior was not acceptable. And if we did, we were punished accordingly.

You can try to spin this as "absent parents" as much as you want, but unless the kids are unsupervised 24 hours a day, they are getting SOME parenting at some point during the day (even if its at 11pm).

And if the kids are being left alone AND causing this much trouble, maybe DYFS should be involved for neglect. because its clear no parenting is going on, and these kids really need it.

Maybe that's the solution, start going after the parents. I am sure a few parents get hauled into police stations or court rooms, a lot of this crap would stop. And if not, there's always DYFS to assist.

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Stop making excuses for these kids.

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are incapable making DTX safe? Violent teens , mentally ill druggie homeless (not all), the drug dealers who prey on them, they roam free or at back on the streets almost immediately. Why can't this be prevented and fixed? So real estate interests in any way benefit?

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You know I've grown tired of the sht slinging people do at Michelle Wu.

How is this her problem? And how can she fix it?

Violent teens , mentally ill druggie homeless (not all), the drug dealers who prey on them, they roam free or at back on the streets almost immediately. Why can't this be prevented and fixed?

You contradicted yourself with this statement. The court system isn't Mayor Wu's jurisdiction. Maybe take your complaints up with the court system instead.

And in case you haven't noticed, this is a problem E V E R Y W H E R E . I live in Chelsea and can tell you we have the same issues as DTX or Central Sq Cambridge or Davis Square Somerville or Linden Square, Everett. And on and on and on.

This isn't a "Wu Problem". This is a regional problem and needs to be dealt with in that manner.

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Last time I was there in the spring, it was moribund. The living death of a grande dame department store.

Hope the city has a plan for when that ugly building is vacant.

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Considering that floors 3-6 are a data center and not vacant. Plus the building itself is owned by the Markley Group, not by Macy's. They sold it in the 1990s when Jordan Marsh was purchased.

With that said, I can safely tell you that nothing will change if Macy's closes. The ground floor will remain retail. I can't say that for the 2nd floor or basement, as who knows what Markley Group will do. They could take over the 2nd floor for more data center space.

But I can safely tell you the ground floor will be always retail.

PS - I agree. That Macy's is awful, they never have anything in stock. I've all but given up and order online when I need new bedding (which is where I go now that BBB is gone)

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The ground floor will be empty. There's a bunch of vacant retail space at street level already in Downtown Crossing -- like the former Forever 21, a newly-renovated space across from Old Navy, and pretty much the entire Washington St. side of the old Lafayette Place Mall. Foot traffic is way down with so many people working hybrid or remote. The stuff that will work these days downtown is food and souvenirs. Even Starbucks is closing locations downtown.

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