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Orange Line rider threatened with knife after refusing to let strange guy use his phone, police say

Transit Police report arresting a West Roxbury man they say became outraged that another rider wouldn't let him use his phone, so he whipped out a knife and threatened the rider with it yesterday afternoon.

Maximus Brown 21, was arrested on charges of assault by means of a dangerous weapon and possession of a controlled substance for the cocaine, police say officers found on him.

Brown allegedly became incensed shortly before 2 p.m. on an outbound train approaching Ruggles and the man, 67, declined to hand over his phone.

His response was to remove a knife from his waistband and threaten the victim with harm. The victim exited the train at the first available stop, Ruggles Station, where he encountered TPD. Witnesses present corroborated the victim's statement.

Police say officers began looking for a man matching the victim's and witnesses' description and soon found Brown in front of the Roxbury Crossing stop.

Innocent, etc.



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On the safe and secure MBTA.

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He seems like a maximus danger to the community.

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I would like us to stop tolerating this kind of behavior.

Do i support a high incarceration rate? No.
Do I like the prison industrial complex? No.
Do I want cops dispensing street justice? No.

But I want people who cannot behave, physically separated from the rest of us. I don’t think that’s particularly a big ask.

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I think the police have hurt feelings over being scrutinized in the last couple of years. They feel, with some justification, that they have to let people get away with a lot more now. No one is going to be happy with a "move it on along" sort of baton twirling cop these days--though I think it's a shame they can't in many instances. On the other hand, they're being a bit pouty and lazy now. It's an excuse to let things go that they might not have before. This brainless scumbag has been displaying anti-social behaviors for yonks I imagine--but they really can't do anything until he tries to stab someone. Young arseholes feel very much that they can behave poorly and no one will say a thing. It's not just the cops who know they can't open their mouths. The T is overrun with poorly behaved little shits. Who are they afraid of? No one.

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I think the police have hurt feelings over being scrutinized in the last couple of years. They feel, with some justification, that they have to let people get away with a lot more now.

I don’t necessarily agree with the thesis to begin with as crime is falling according to every metric (except murder, strangely) but the idea that police are due some sympathy over their jobs finally being appropriately scrutinized by the public is laughable.

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I was sorta making fun of them for their hurt feelies.

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where do you want to put them? walpole is empty but i think you mentioned that you don’t like the prison industrial complex? what do you suggest?

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I've said this before but I'll say it again, we need to think out of the box because the threat.. or even the actuality of jail time isn't enough to make people think twice before doing something like this...

So maybe that's not enough. Yeah maybe jail isn't the answer and mental health services is (if you feel you need to knock over an old person you might need some)

But maybe let's bring back the stocks in Boston common. Put these fools in them and allow the public to throw rotting vegetables at them. Humiliation is a powerful tool when used properly.

Let's see how bad ass these guys are when they when they are locked in stocks and covered in rotting tomatoes. This should bring these folks down a few notches and humble them the fuck out.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment? Unusual, sure. Cruel, depends on who you ask? I bet that person who was threatened would a knife would feel this is justified.

Gonna argue with me? What's your idea. Jail time isn't working. What other options do we have?

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