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Driver rams pedestrian on Columbia Road near JFK/UMass, speeds away, police say

State Police report that a pedestrian on Columbia Road near the exit from the Expressway northbound was thrown into the air when a driver slammed into him around 2:20 a.m. on Thursday.

The man, about 30, was taken to Boston Medical Center with severe injuries but is expected to survive, State Police say, adding:

Preliminary investigation by Massachusetts State Troopers indicates that the victim was walking across Columbia Road as two vehicles, described as a red sedan and a white SUV, were eastbound on the same road. The red sedan, which is a possible a Honda Accord with dual tail pipes, struck the pedestrian, propelling him through the air further across the road. Immediately after hitting the victim, the driver of the red sedan continued eastbound, fleeing at a high rate of speed. The white SUV also left the scene.

Anybody with information can contact detectives at 617-727-8817.

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This whole area sucks. Columbia Road, Dot Ave, K Circle, and the Expressway alongside a lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure makes this a nexus of misery. No matter which side of the street or which crosswalk you choose to use, all feel unsafe and extremely exposed to speeding and irrational cars.

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…. for a day to pass when a pedestrian or cyclist is not hit and run on a street in Massachusetts?
Kind of like Man Bites Dog.

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Tangent, but I really appreciate that both Adam and the State Police mentioned the driver in their reports. I'm so sick of the Globe writing "SUV drives into house" "car crashes into restaurant" etc. as though these inanimate objects somehow wished to become Real Boys and did it all by themselves.

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…. be the subject of crash related sentences. When the vehicle is the subject it moves accountability away from the driver.
Like saying a victim was shot by a gun.
Also, good that reporters are letting go of “accident” for the more accurate “crash”.

Subtle differences but they do affect how driver behavior and responsibility is perceived.

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