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Attempted drive-by shooting on Border Street in East Boston the night after police arrested three on gun, drug charges there

Police responded to the area of Shore Plaza East, Border and Falcon streets, after somebody in a car took several shots at somebody around 9:55 p.m. Nobody hit; at least three shell casings recovered.

The failed shooting came one night after police arrested three people on gun and drug charges at the same location.

Police say officers patrolling the area due to resident complaints about strangers and drug activity arrested three 18-year-olds, from East Boston, Roxbury and Woonsocket, RI around 8:15 p.m. on Thursday:

Officers observed a motor vehicle with multiple occupants, and attempted to speak with them. As officers approached the group, they began to separate. Officers observed one male attempting to walk from the area and shielding his body.

Officers attempted to pat frisk the suspect, who then pulled his arms into his body. Officers immediately felt a firearm from the suspect’s waistband, and a violent struggle ensued. Officers were able to place the suspect into handcuffs and recovered a loaded firearm. The firearm was later determined to be a Ghost gun with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine.

Simultaneously, responding officers were able to speak with the rest of the group. Due to a firearm being recovered, officers conducted a pat frisk of all the individuals, and recovered another loaded firearm from one of the suspects. The firearm was later determined to be a Ghost gun with one round in the chamber and sixteen rounds in the magazine.



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We are hours away from a homicide-free August. Hopefully no one wrecks it.

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