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Two shot inside Mattapan's only nightclub

Boston Police report two people were shot inside Macumba Latina, 477 River St. in Mattapan Square, shortly before 12:45 a.m.

Police report arresting Regan Feliz, 29, of Jamaica Plain, for the loaded gun they say he had in his waistband as he ran away from the scene. However, police did not, at least as of today, charge him for either of the shootings.

Police say an officer already on River Street in response to neighborhood complaints about illegally parked cars when she spotted people running from Macumba Latina - and then was told that something was shot inside.

Police found a victim in the club; a second man got into a car and was driven to a local hospital.

Neither victims' injuries were considered life threatening, police say.

In addition to the gun police say Feliz had, officers recovered a second loaded gun at the scene. Officers also found gunfire damage inside the club.

The firearms were later determined to be a Polymer 80 with 26 rounds in the magazine, and a Polymer 80 with nine rounds in the magazine.

Innocent, etc..



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Last call, for Macumba this maybe it’s final dance.

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People just want to get a drink and dance and these jerks can’t resist shooting at each other. Security needs to do a better job protecting patrons.

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'cause we know that licensed premises are 100% responsible for what people do within them and within 500 yards. Or so says the Licensing Board.

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What's the goal of disclosing the police officer gender?

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