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Man sought for rush-hour sexual attack on the Red Line

Photos of Red Line suspect

Photos via TPD.

Transit Police report they are looking for a man they say started rubbing his penis against a woman from behind on a Red Line train between Charles/MGH and Park Street around 7:55 a.m. on Friday.

Police say he refused to stop even when she told him to back off.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 - you don't have to give your name.



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I get this is some weird fetish or mental illness but the thought process behind these just escapes me. I mean do you wake up one morning and go

Today I am going to rub my penis against some woman on the red line. maybe she'll get horned up and wanna wanna shag after.

Is that really it. Do they really think this? And do not thing they won't be faced with a knuckle sandwich or arrest? Either that or these guys watch far too much porn....

I hope they catch this creep. 7:55am during rush hour on the red line. really.


These guys don't want the woman to be attracted. This is a power trip. They get off on getting women upset and disgusted.


Even still. The whole thought process escapes me.

“ And do not thing they won't be faced with a knuckle sandwich or arrest?”

There is a good chance they won’t face either. A good number of assaults are not reported for many reasons. Nor do many victims risk hitting aggressors out of fear.

These creeps know that and they take their chances on victims that look like easy targets.



There's even a word for it: frottage. I don't see the attraction, but I guess it is some kind of power trip, like other sexual assaults.


It's the exact opposite, actually. These guys get off on the idea of violating another person, somebody who will not enjoy the experience, and the perpetrator loves the idea that they can just do it anyway, because it makes them feel powerful. That's the rush. It is a crime of violence and domination, not sexuality.


There is a technology for this, called face recognition. Use it.


...that apparently it's wrong, a lot.

Human beings looking at the image can probably identify this guy without falsely identifying someone else as him. That's the only "technology" needed.


Another story of 'unbalanced people' on the T.
Have a nice day one and all.