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For third time this year, woman of Asian descent is attacked on the Red Line, by teens who then smashed a train window, police say

Smashed Red Line window

Photo via TPD.

Transit Police report they are looking for "several juvenile males" they say taunted a woman of Asian descent - then went after other passengers who tried to intervene, before they smashed a train window and fled at JFK/UMass around 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Transit Police confirmed that this Instagram video appears to show part of what happened on the train before it pulled into the station.

The incident came two weeks after, police say, a man spit on and hurled racial insults at another woman of Asian descent at Broadway station.

In February, a pair of men screamed epithets and threw a Gatorade bottle at an Asia-American woman at Davis station.

Transit Police report they are looking for "several juvenile males," for the JFK/UMass incident, who started insulting the one woman, then began harassing and threatening other riders who tried to get them to leave her alone. They fled at JFK/UMass - after smashing out a train window.

When caught, "charges will be sought," police say.


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Broken windows theory has been thoroughly debunked.

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Problem is that there are no real consequences for this kind of behavior

Catch them and sentence them to 2 months of working on weekends cleaning up graffiti, on an around the T

Catch the same miscreants a second time and its 12 months of cleaning duty

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...stirring all that shit?

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Are not afraid to arrest hoodlums raising hell on their property. You have to give that part of the T an A+.

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Judges who let these kids off over and over again.

Bring back large scale community services. Plenty of trash all over the city that needs picking up.

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"When caught, "charges will be sought," The T riders lament.

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Transit Police confirmed that the video on Instagram appears to show part of the incident. Also, it's at least the third time this year an Asian-American or Asian woman has been attacked on the Red Line.

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I can only imagine how frightened Asian women are on the T these days. Hope other riders will have their backs.

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We provide many children in Boston awful conditions to develop in, then are shocked - *shocked* - when they act out.

Then we come here and discuss it like it's about the T.

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“A witness stated that the juvenile subjects approached the victim and began making fun of her for being Asian,” Sullivan said. “They were taunting her based on her ethnicity. They were trying to mimic an Asian accent.... "

There have been a series of similar events.

Where is the DoJ Civil Rights attorneys?

Where is the AG?

Why are there no Hate Crime charges?

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I suspect they are legally young, it's not an excuse but it is a circumstance.

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Why are there no Hate Crime charges?

...first you gotta catch 'em.

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“Transit Police report they are looking for "several juvenile males"

They should be looking for the several ADULT males that are seen harassing people in the video.

No excuses for this.

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What they are considered in court is a separate matter. The police are looking for people who at least appear to be teenagers.

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