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Man facing trial on drug charge was driving through Roxbury with a loaded gun until he crashed, police say

Boston Police report officers who responded to a motor-vehicle crash at Blue Hill Avenue and Woodbine Street in Roxbury early Friday wound up arresting the driver for the loaded gun they saw him try to toss away as they approached.

Police say that when officers arrived on the scene, around 2:50 a.m.:

Officers observed a motor vehicle in the middle of the intersection with severe damage making the vehicle inoperable. Officers saw an individual searching through the vehicle, and observed him walk from the scene and throw an unknown item before walking back.

The officers immediately observed that the object thrown was a firearm and placed the suspect into handcuffs. The firearm was later determined to be a loaded Glock 36 with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine. Officers did not observe any other individuals involved in the accident and that the suspect struck a legally parked car.

Daquan Sparks, 30, of South Boston, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition, police say.

Sparks was indicted in August, 2022 in Suffolk Superior Court on a charge of cocaine traffic following his arrest in South Boston in May.

That case currently hinges on a hearing before the Supreme Judicial Court on his attorney's request to throw out the cocaine police officers found on him because they allegedly made him take down his underwear before they had proof he might be carrying the cocaine in his groin area. The judge in the case ruled they shouldn't have done that and ruled the cocaine inadmissible as evidence; Suffolk County prosecutors have appealed.

The Supreme Judicial Court decided Sept. 20 to consider the case, but has yet to set a hearing date.

Sparks initially had bail set at $5,000 in cash, but after ruling the found drugs inadmissible as evidence, the judge rescinded the bail and ordered him released on personal recognizance, court records show.

In 2013, then 19, Sparks was arrested on charges he helped his girlfriend stab his ex-girlfriend - and mother of his child on Bay Street in Savin Hill - alegedly by convincing her to meet him, then holding her down while his current girlfriend stabbed her several times.

However, prosecutors dropped the case the next year, when the victim, who initially talked to police, refused to testify against him.

Innocent, etc.



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We need more judges like this.

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Do you really not understand the basics of criminal law and our legal system? Or is this just another $#1t post? That you got 5 likes is also concerning. Unless you want to get strip searched in public every time you get pulled over based on the possibility that you have coke in your shorts, you have to stand up for the Constitution, the Rule of Law and 200+ years of jurisprudence that requires a "reasonably articuable suspicion" that a specific crime has been committed, in other words, explain why you have reason to believe there blow in his boxers and that it was a reasonable assumption, or were you just guessing, which in this case, that's what the cops did. Fruit of the poisonous tree in his Fruit of the Loom.

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