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Drunk waves gun at bus riders on Columbia Road, only it turned out to be a gun-shaped lighter, police say

Fake gun

But was his bowtie really a camera?

Transit and Boston Police report officers responded to a 16 bus Columbia Road near Edward Everett Square for a report of a man who "threatened passengers" with a gun, around 11 a.m. on Monday:

TPD/BPD conducted an area search and located a 50y/o intoxicated male who was positively id'd. Firearm was NOT real but rather a butane lighter.

He was arrested on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, because even though the gun was not real, the other people on the bus thought it was.



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Another bus driver was spit on by a nut dressed like Chucky in Salem and a trolley driver on the Mattapan Line was threatened and teens smashed out the windows on the trolley.


Skills were needed to avoid it. And being in a crowd of bus riders may have helped his chances.

Th charges are justified. This guy deserves the book thrown at him. If found guilty, of course.


I must acknowledge the Simon and Garfunkel reference and also say I used to have a .22 derringer that looked exactly like a lighter.