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Early morning gunfire in Grove Hall followed by arrest, police say

Boston Police report officers investigating a report of gunfire at Warren Street and Blue Hill Avenue around 2:45 a.m. quickly spotted and stopped a man leaving the scene and "visibly out of breath."

They add:

As the officers stopped to speak with the suspect they observed that he kept reaching into his coat pocket and there appeared to be a heavy object in it. The officers conducted a frisk and located a loaded firearm in his right coat pocket. The firearm was later determined to be a Thames Arms Company .38 Caliber revolver, loaded with 4 rounds of live ammunition and 1 spent shell casing.

Lemarr Lovett, 42, of Mattapan, was arrested on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a loaded firearm and illegal possession of ammunition, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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