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Teen charged with sexually assaulting another teen and threatening her with a knife at Forest Hills

Transit Police report a 14-year-old-girl told officers she was sexually assaulted and threatened with a knife around 4 p.m. on Monday at Forest Hills. The next day, a teen, too young to be named because of his age, was arrested for the attack, police say.



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My hope that the young women growing up in this day and age be applauded and supported and defended for speaking up and not taking this shit anymore has just been given a reason to not give up this hope. Proud of you my strong young woman! Changing what's been happening to women all of the world since the beginning of time is is tough to change, but at least it can start in our own neighborhoods.

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This is horrifying that this happened. The busiest stations need additional security this should not be happening. I hope she is okay.

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There’s always something happening at Forest Hills isn’t there?

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