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West Roxbury bank held up

A robber claiming he had a gun got away with $1,475 at the Rockland Trust branch at 1920 Centre St. in West Roxbury yesterday.

According to a Boston Police report (posted in the West Roxbury Public Safety Information Facebook group), a man walked into the branch around 1:15 p.m. and handed a teller a note reading "I'm not playing around, I have a gun" and demanding large notes and none marked for tracking later.

The man, who did not actually show a gun, was dressed in all black, with a black hat and a surgical mask, according to the report, which adds that the robbery was so quick and quiet that other bank employees and customers did not even realize it had happened until police showed up about five minutes later.

He may have fled in a Ford Explorer.



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Better call the West Roxbury Safety Association. LOL.

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I hope the bank robber did not try to flee using Centre Street. He would never get away and it is soooo dangerous. Better to flee on foot!

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If UHub reports and city data are to be believed, fleeing on foot would be far more dangerous given the number of people mowed down by drivers in that area.

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