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Man flipped his lid and pummeled employee at South Station McDonald's, police say

Transit Police report arresting a man they say went berserk and repeatedly punched a worker at McDonald's stand at South Station for the alleged sin of touching the lid of the man's drink around 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Police say the man, 34, was arrested for assault and battery. His victim was treated at the scene, police say.



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Less than five years ago South Station was the crown jewel in the MBTA system. The station was clean, well policed and the food court was packed at lunchtime. Today the station is dingy the restrooms are dirty, the food court is deserted, and the police are invisible.

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Flip a God damned burger in Boston without being attacked. What's wrong with this place? Why are people so bold to behave like this?

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He also beat the victim with the register. That South Station redesign seems to be driving some people crazy. Beat with fists and the register.

Alternate Headline

South Station commuter goes Beserk;
Beats McDonald's server for good work.

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South Station is an unofficial dumping ground for people with nowhere else to go, and has been for years. With the worsening conditions among a certain population, inevitable that conditions at the station are also getting worse.

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I don't disagree with any of the arguments for better and more easily accessible mental health care, but the stark fact remains, that this guy shouldn't be free to walk among us.

I'm not interested in retribution or punishment, just protection of innocent people.

Once the building is no longer on fire, we can talk about alarms, fireproofing, sprinklers, and building codes.
Once he is removed from contact with the rest of us, we can talk about providing him with appropriate mental health care.

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The only Mental Health holding place I know of that remaining in Boston that covers all of Massachusetts is Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. The Shattuck is for convicted criminals though. Makes me miss Boston State Hospital. The Massachusetts Mental Health Center on Fenwood Road serves Allston, BackBay, Brighton, Brookline, Fenway, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury, and West Roxbury.

Being South Station, there is no guarantee that the assaulter is actually from Boston.

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Is Mass Bail Fund still collecting donations?

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Are you still a useless shitposting troll?

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