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Drunk guy with a gun arrested after parade festivities at Andrew T station, police say

Seized gun

Seized gun. Photo by Transit PD.

Transit Police report arresting a "highly intoxicated" man with a gun at Andrew station in South Boston at the conclusion of yesterday's parade.

Police say a sergeant monitoring parade-related crowds at the station around 3:15 p.m. noticed Joseph Richard Feeney, 26, of Medford, with the gun in a holster.

Feeney has a license, but the sergeant "observed it when his friends had to assist him walking," Transit Police Supt. Richard Sullivan said.

It turns out there's a law against going out in public with a licensed and loaded gun while under the influence, so the sergeant arrested him for that, police say.

At his arraignment in South Boston Municipal Court this morning, Judge Paul Tresler ordered Feeney held in lieu of $7,350 cash bail, court records show.

Innocent, etc.



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to revoke his license to carry that gun around in public, if not his license to own it.

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Someone with same first and last name, and middle initial got on the waiting list in July:



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Many felonies and certain misdemeanors. But this one seems to fit. A Chief will have his rap sheet at renewal and will certainly deny. The guy can appeal but a judge would be unlikely to overturn.

It’s not even rule #1. It’s rule zero. No alcohol and guns.

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One can only imagine the number of weapons the police could confiscate if the Transit Police were assigned to monitor the faregates on a daily basis.

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Glad nobody got shot by this careless drunken idiot.

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So tired of this parade.

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I thought the younger generation was cooler and less hateful. What the (expletive) was this gun dipshit going to do with a gun at a (expletive) parade?

I'm not Johnny Cop, but between this, and arresting the accused rapist, they're looking quite rosy on UH today.

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