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Irish firefighter in town for the holiday charged with raping woman at a downtown hotel; police pulled him off a plane about to take off from Logan


A Dublin man who is a firefighter and paramedic was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail after he was charged with raping a woman at the Omni Parker House, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Terrence Crosbie, 37, who flew into Boston with other firefighters from the Dublin Fire Brigade on Thursday to march in the South Boston parade on Sunday, was also ordered to surrender his passport and not leave the state should he make bail at his arraignment this morning, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office, police went to Mass. General Friday morning to interview a woman who said she'd been raped earlier in the evening at the hotel.

Detectives secured video surveillance from the hotel and from the The Black Rose, a bar and restaurant in Boston, where both Crosbie and the victim were on Thursday evening.

Police learned that Crosbie had flown to Boston from Ireland earlier Thursday with other members of the Brigade and that he was scheduled to leave on Tuesday. After being interviewed by police on Saturday, Crosbie booked a flight for 10:10 p.m. that night, days before his scheduled departure date. At the airport, Crosbie boarded an even earlier flight, departing at around 7 p.m. State police stopped the plane on the Logan tarmac and removed Crosbie.

Innocent, etc.



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Looks like scumbag didn’t have the luck of the Irish. They love rapists in prison!

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which is something
i dont always get to say

but kudos to the cops in this one

and THANK YOU to the brave woman who reported this scumbag!

wishing you well on your healing process

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The flight was only delayed a few minutes, and arrived in DUB on time.

The real question is … MSP "stopped" the plane on the tarmac. Was it taxiing down Bravo to November for a 22 Right departure with a squadron of cruisers in pursuit? Or was it just delayed at the gate while the staties came on and remove the perp, and then closed up the door (this is an A332, after all) and took off?

One of those sounds more exciting. One sounds more plausible, alas.

What would have been especially interesting would have been if it had taken off, and then been told to run around and return to BOS to discharge a passenger. Good work by staties getting there before that happened.

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And the schedule ... They may have pushed back and been headed for the queue when the MSP/ATC radioed the pilot to head back to the gate.

That counts as Tarmac, too.

The bottom line is that they kept the accused from leaving the country in the nick of time, making things seriously less complicated.

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The plane taxied onto Bravo and skipped its turn to November, then looped around on Zulu Alpha Alpha-1 back to Bravo then back to its gate, disembarked the suspect, before eventually going Bravo November to 22Right.

Unclear if the reds and blues were chasing it down Bravo...but doubtful.

I prefer FlightRadar24 because it has more complete tracking (imo).


If you listen starting around 8 minutes into the playback from KBOS Ground 22:00 UTC, you can hear that they were actually giving the pilot instructions on heading out to take off on 22R ("right on November, cross 15 right hold short 15 left")...and seconds later as he's starting to move on Quebec to Bravo...they suddenly stop and say "I'm being told you need to return to gate...". The pilot radios back asking why he needs to return to the gate and ATC says "they're saying they need to remove a passenger"...to which the pilot says "they need to remove passengers??...Ok."

So, it was basically minutes from being too late.

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Aviation junkie FTW.

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Except this time, he's not the gov's kid.

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Or a college professor. Or a flight attendant.

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Like a fart in the wind. AJ Baker

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At least 6 Massachusetts State Troopers were in Galway marching in their parade.

Perhaps we can just stop sending people back and forth across the Atlantic for dumbass parades and have them focus on crime here while the Jackeens can go put out fires in Tallaght and not rape.

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But your use of the term Jackeen reminded me of this song by a young Dublin band.

Very good band, started with college mates who shared a mutual love of poetry so the songs & lyrics carry a lot more weight than most of what's out there.

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Known about them since just before Covid.

They do a great cover of Clover by Nick Drake. First album is the best as a whole but A Hero's Death off of the second album is one of the best songs in years.

The lead singer in the Jackie Down The Line video has a 90's Dublin Football (Gaelic) sweater on which has gone through the wash a few times.

They sponsored the kit for Bohemians in Dublin last year. Great article on Bohs from the Times a few weeks ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/02/world/europe/ireland-bohemians-soccer...

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Yeah thanks for the heads up. They’re the real deal. Here’s another. Back story to the song is that Church of England authorities wouldn’t allow an old woman’s family to inscribe the Irish for “in our hearts forever” on her tombstone because Irish language deemed too “political”. They were shamed and ultimately relented.


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That reminds me a lot, in a good way, of the Clash's The Guns of Brixton. Forty-five years, and I don't think I've said that before.


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This guy wasn't an "illegal", and he didn't sneak in. He came in voluntarily, and was welcomed, through typical American commerce.

In fact, we wanted him to not leave after he was credibly accused of a crime, and the police force, for which MA taxpayers pay a decent sum, delivered what the people pay for in finding and apprehending the foreign national who allegedly attacked an American national on American soil.

I never again want to hear about how border security sucks. Now, you want to talk about the problem we have in making sure they leave when we want them gone, that's another conversation.

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I, too, suspect it wasn't literal blue lights chasing the plane down a taxiway. Given that the emergency squads frequently can't hold fuselage smoke drills at the edge of the grounds without people calling 911 (or streaming to social media) about a possible crash - I think hot pursuit would have generated some mention in the 48 hours.

I'm just impressed that he got a seat. In fact, two seats (booked the late flight, got seated on the early flight).
I was in Ireland last week. Flights were full - NO empty seats. I had checked around in advance when I booked as I had some flexibility as to dates. I suspect that it being Saturday of St Pat's weekend was the only thing that meant seats were available - people came (or went) to be in whichever place over the weekend, not flying in the middle of it.

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I used to book those Saturday flights when I needed to work in Europe. They were typically empty enough to grab a row and scootch in under the barely raised armrests in a four seat middle row to sleep flat.

Typically the Dublin run connecting to wherever I was headed.

I could get enough sleep to find my way to my destination, then have some time to regroup, maybe book a walking tour, and get to bed local time for a fresh Monday morning start with a working brain.

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