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Man who just wanted to sell some sneakers was pistol whipped, then pushed out of his own car at the Harbor Point apartments in Dorchester

UMass Boston Police sent out an alert that a man was carjacked at Harbor Point late this afternoon by somebody who had contacted him over SnapChat, allegedly to buy sneakers from him.

According to the bulletin, the victim pulled up in his car and the alleged buyer got in and then "assaulted him with a handgun, stole the vehicle and fled toward Westwind Road and Island View Place."

Boston Police responded to the scene 66 Peninsula Pl. shortly after 5 p.m. The stolen vehicle was reported as a gray 2014 Honda Pilot. The attacker was described as mixed race, with short dreadlocks and wearing a purple jacket with a hoodie. His gun was black with an extended barrel.

This is the second time in a week somebody trying to sell something was robbed in Boston. On March 29, police report a person was robbed at 330 Rutherford Ave. in Charlestown by a man who had agreed to meet there to consummate a purchase arranged on Facebook Marketplace.

Police have set up "safe exchange zones" at BPD headquarters in Roxbury and at every district station where people can buy and sell stuff 24 hours a day while knowing the areas are monitored by police.



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Are we going to send a police squad to every interaction of private citizens?

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When that "interaction" is one private citizen carjacking another... yes?

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please stop replying to this worthless troll

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Adam, was pistol whipping more specifically described in the report, or are you inferring from "assaulted him with a handgun?"

Under Massachusetts law, merely the threat of force is an assault:
"Assault is a distinct and separate crime from that of assault and battery, and carries different penalties if a defendant is convicted of the crime (and causes no injuries to a victim) as such. When a person commits an act of assault, they demonstrate an intent to use force against another person, or attempt to use force to cause injury against another. However, an act of assault does not involve the person actually causing physical injury to another. In fact, a defendant need not even make physical contact with another party in order for assault to occur; assault is merely the threat of physical contact."

Pistol whipping would be assault and battery.

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And he reported being smacked in the face with the gun.

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In Massachusetts?

Seems unlikely.

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