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Woman shot in the leg on D Street in South Boston

Ballistics dog on D Street

Ballistics dog on D Street sniffing out evidence. Photo by Spookybirch.

A woman was shot in the leg on D Street at West 7th Street around 8:30 p.m.

Spookybirch reports: "I was taking a walk when it happened, and this is what I got home to. Cop had to check my ID before escorting me past the crime tape."

H/t Romeo Trauma.



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Too many guns.

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Too many people who think they can be used with impunity.

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No one is immune to pressures strong enough to make them lose control and/or lose sight of reality or hope.
No one is perfect and therefore incapable of being careless or making a mistake.
Not even you.

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Ma'am takes shot to the gam, luckily misses the ham.

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