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Man already tagged as an armed career criminal was speeding around Dorchester with a gun loaded with 22 bullets, police say

Boston Police report officers who initially stopped a driver for speeding in the area of Washington and Erie streets Friday night wound up arresting him for the gun with the "extended magzine" and the 22 bullets loaded into it they found in his car.

Police say that on approaching the car around 10:15 p.m., they noticed that Tynigel Belgrave, 26, also wasn't wearing a seat belt. And then, police say, they "observed in plain view, what they believed to be the grip of a firearm."

The officers ordered Belgrave and his passenger out of the car.

Officers recovered a firearm from inside the vehicle, and placed both occupants into handcuffs. The firearm was later determined to be a Glock 26 with one round in the chamber and twenty-one rounds in an extended magazine.

After further investigation, the second occupant was promptly released from the scene.

Belgrave was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal possession of a high-capacity feeding device, police say.

In 2019, a Suffolk Superior Court jury acquitted Belgrave of shooting a man on Vesta Road in Dorchester, but convicted him of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Five days after his acquittal on the shooting charge, before he was sentenced on the gun charges, he pleaded guilty to being an armed career criminal when he was arrested and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years to 6 years in state prison.

Innocent, etc.



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So back to prison Mr. Belgrave. I wonder what he'll learn there in the next 6 years?

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