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Former small-town cop charged with pointing his gun at another patron in a Seaport club

A man busy barging his way through a crowd at Scorpion Bar on Seaport Boulevard in the Seaport one December night pulled a gun from his waistband, pointed it at a man who objected to getting shoved and warned him "I could kill you right now if I wanted to," police and bar managers told the Boston Licensing Board today.

The man, suspended from his job as a cop in the 495 hamlet of Bolton last year, was arrested by Boston officers who caught up with him at the nearby Empire - where bouncers, alerted by their colleagues at Scorpion, denied him entry. Gurpreet Singh, 35, now faces a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon in South Boston Municipal Court, court records show.

BPD Det. Mark McKeown said that around 12:15 a.m. on Dec. 17, Singh was trying to get through a knot of people in the bar when he bumped into one, but instead of apologizing, got into an argument and pulled out a gun from the right side of his waistband and threatened the man.

Bar security, alerted by a bar back who saw and heard the interaction and began flashing a light, rushed over, McKeown and bar security director Charles Kane said. McKeown said he told them "I am on the job being a police officer" and handed them what turned out to be an expired Bolton police ID.

The man left Scorpion - trailed by a pair of bar security managers - and tried to go into the nearby Empire, like Scorpion, owned by Big Night Entertainment Group, only to be refused entry. He was then arrested by Boston officers, who confiscated his Sig Sauer handgun, for which he did have a valid license, McKeown said.

McKeown said that Singh told the officers at Empire that he didn't tell anyone he was a cop. Bar attorney Kristen Scanlon said that Scorpion surveillance video, which the bar handed to the board, shows the man plowing into a group of people and then, just 11 seconds later, "he pulls a gun from his waistband and does point it at another patron," she said.

Kane acknowledged Singh should not have gotten into Scorpion Bar with the gun. He said the bar was the first in Boston to install a sophisticated, AI-driven monitoring system but that it was on the fritz that night and so doormen resorted to older style metal-detecting wands, which are not as reliable, especially compact guns made with polymers, like the Sig Sauer.

The board decides at a meeting tomorrow whether the bar could have foreseen or prevented the incident and, if so, whether any sanction is warranted.

Singh, who became a Bolton officer in 2017 after time with the Somerville Police Department, has yet to have a trial date set, according to court records.

The Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training lists Singh as having been suspended from his Bolton job on Jan. 2, 2023.

Last October, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office put him on a list of police officers facing investigations, in his case, for possibly falsifying time sheets. It's unclear from the document whether the allegation relates to his time in Bolton or Somerville - although Bolton is in Worcester Country, while Somerville is in Middlesex.

Innocent, etc.



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anyone who has ever lived west of 495 knows Bolton cops are the worst ones out there, and it isn't close

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Funny because I live out there, am occasionally in Bolton (driving, walking, bike riding), and never heard that.

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And I knew that (BCAB).

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you knew not to drive through bolton to get to solomon pond. it was just a thing. i guess for various reasons, one’s mileage may vary.

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The website for the AI driven weapon detection system points to an industry devoted to preventing gun violence. Just as sugar helps to maintain the dentistry industry. Cigarrettes helped maintain the lung cancer industry. As Americans we are efficient at creating problems and coming up with response to the problems.

But why is the overall culture of Americans so committed to creating problems in the first place?

Guns in American are disease only a few steps from pandemic. They are a plague. In their proliferation, prevalence and the prevailing (false) ruling of the folks who like to wear robes when they work, guns are now a weapon of mass destruction that we have unleashed up on ourselves.

When will the Court declare that owing personal nuclear bombs - or just a smidgeon of nuclear material protected by the 2nd Amendment? A teaspoon of plutonium could give Dana-Farber and every other cancer hospital enough business to last a half life of 877 years.

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Guns aren't the problem. Idiots with guns are the problem. This shmo treated his gun like it was a 'magic wand' that would bend people to his will.

Frankly, I think he's lucky that the guy he threatened didn't take his piece and bash his teeth out with it.

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Idiots with guns are the problem.

So which do you think is easier to regulate: the guns, or the idiocy?

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The idiocy is easier to fix. You have to start really young though. I'm talking starting in kindergarten.

For the fully grown idiots we have now though, gun regulations makes sense. Do you really need an automatic weapon for hunting or target shooting? I don't think so. Regulate the heck out of those sort of guns specifically designed to kill people.

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"The next time you point a gun at me, you better be prepared to use it."

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Instead of literally anything else.

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His entry on the suspension list references MGL c. 6E § 9(a)(1)

Section 9. (a)(1) The commission shall immediately suspend the certification of any officer who is arrested, charged or indicted for a felony.

So which town is going to hire him next, or does he actually need to switch states now?

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