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13-year-old nabbed with loaded gun near Roxbury park, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 13-year-old after he returned to the Mr. Pleasant Play Area to retrieve the handgun with 10 loaded rounds somebody had left there Monday morning - along with another young teen and a Charlestown man.

Also arrested: Jamuan Terrell Coakley-Thomason, 22, on drug charges, and a 14-year-old.

Police say that after somebody noticed a gun in the park and notified a nearby detail officer around 9:40 a.m., other officers spotted the two teens and Jamuan Terrell Coakley-Thomason, 22, running away, but not fast enough to evade them.

During a frisk of the 13-year-old suspect, officers located a black firearm inside his backpack. The firearm was identified as a Glock 34 containing 10 rounds in the magazine, with a capacity of holding up to 30 rounds. Additionally, crack cocaine was discovered during the booking process, which belonged to Coakley-Thomason.

The younger teen was charged with being delinquent for illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal possession of a large-capacity feeding devices.

Coakley-Thomason was charged with possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute. At his arraignment the next day in Roxbury Municipal Court, Judge David Poole revoked his bail in an earlier matter and ordered him held for at least 60 days, according to court records.

The older teen was charged with being delinquent for trespassing.

Innocent, etc.



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