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Rando sucker-punches Berklee student in the face on Mass. Ave.

WCVB reports on the attack outside 169 Massachusetts Avenue on May 10. She had to be taken to the hospital because her head slammed onto the curb when she fell, but she was able to graduate the next day.



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She was injured and clearly traumatized, but didn't let this assailant rob her of what will be a cherished memory. Wishing her continued recovery and a much brighter future ahead.

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Amazing that she was able to perform that night. Glad she had friends with her and hope she's able to rest and let her concussion heal properly.

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The Globe reports that Duxbury High students were beaten and robbed and the father of a kid who was hospitalized with facial injuries is questioning why the Transit Police took their time responding to the vicious attack.

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We live in the age of incompetence and all the consequences that come from it.

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This is next door to the berklee police station and a liquor store where lots of problem people hang out because they `need services`. This is a constant trouble spot many avoid.

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but these crimes should be harshly punished, if not the product of delusional mental illness.

Pure malice and hatred.

Anyone who does that wilfully should have a long stay behind bars - that's who prisons are made for.

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Was the victim trying to record the rando smoking marijuana?

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She was existing as a female in public.

That seems to be enough for the sort of people who cannot quit resenting accomplished women from existing as, oh, mayors and governors.

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Vs just some asshole? Steve Buscemi was just sucker punched too in NYC and the last I checked he’s not female.

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Your insincere carping is disingenuous and stinks to high heaven.

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For pointing out swirls made a massive jump from a random assault to the assault was driven by gender with zero proof. Somehow that’s carping in your fragile western MA world.

Also, you owe me rent because there are no free lunches in my world.

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Were robes involved? /s
I tend to congratulate people in robes not assault them.

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