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The night gunfire rang out at both ends of East Boston

Last Thursday night, Boston Police had to respond to two near simultaneous gunfire attacks in East Boston, one at Brandywyne Village, the other on Liverpool Street near Maverick Street.

Nobody was injured, but a bullet went flying into a Liverpool Street apartment, another went into the doorframe of a Brandywyne Village apartment and three cars were damaged by the gunfire.

The first call came into 911 about 11 p.m. on Brandywyne Drive - followed quickly by several other calls from other residents along Brandywyne Drive and Saratoga Street. As District A-7 officers headed to that area, more calls started coming in, about ten minutes later, about gunfire in the area of Liverpool and Maverick streets.

Officers ultimately found one car and one door frame at Brandywyne Drive that had been shot, along with half a dozen shell casings in front of another apartment, on the Noyes Playground side of the complex.

At the Liverpool Street site, officers found where a bullet had gone flying into a second-floor apartment window and two cars with gunfire damage.



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