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Three Quincy teens charged with beating other teens bloody at Kenmore station; nabbed thanks to Snapchat video of the stomping

Three Quincy teens were arraigned Friday on charges they decided to go all droog on some other South Shore teens and bash in their heads at the Kenmore Green Line stop on May 10, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding police are continuing to try to ID two other alleged attackers.

Aidan McGuinness, 18, was arraigned in Roxbury Municipal Court on charges of assault and battery causing serious bodily injury and unarmed robbery, the DA's office reports, adding he had bail set at $1,500.

His alleged pals, both 17 and so too young to have their names released, were charged as delinquent in Boston Juvenile Court. One was charged with being delinquent for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the cement floor which one victim's head smashed into when he was thrown to the ground - assault and battery causing serious bodily injury and unarmed robbery, the DA's office reports. The other was charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon - a knife - assault and battery causing serious bodily injury, assault and battery and unarmed robbery, the DA's office says. Both were ordered held in lieu of $200 bail.

According to the DA's office, Transit Police responded to Kenmore around 10:14 p.m. on May 10:

They spoke with four victims, all teenagers from Duxbury, who said they had been attacked by a group of people unknown to them. Three of the victims were bleeding from their mouths and the fourth had blood on his clothing and on his knuckles.

The victims said one of the attackers lifted his sweatshirt and displayed a knife with a black handle in his waistband. The victims stated they were punched and thrown to the cement floor. One of the victims reported that his jacket and sneakers were stolen.

MBTA police recovered the jacket near the location of the assault. It had been destroyed.

Police reviewed station video and cell phone video showing the victims being attacked by McGuinness, the two juveniles and two others, who have yet to be identified.

Video shows McGuinness pushing one of the victims as the victim is being struck by another attacker. McGuinness and others are seen striking the victim multiple times while the victim is on the ground. McGuinness is also seen taking the victim’s jacket.

Police were assisted in the identification effort by a person who saw a Snapchat video of the attack sent to about 60 recipients. The viewer recognized McGuinness and other attackers as high school students from Quincy. Police followed up on the various video evidence and, with the help of Quincy school officials, identified McGuinness and the two juveniles.

Innocent, etc.



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How were the people who received this one able to keep it?

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They might disappear off the site, but that doesn't mean Snapchat necessarily deletes the actual data from their servers at that moment, and law enforcement requesting social media content is common enough that all the big social media companies have a department to work on just that.

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Wow, who needs surveillance video when the perps provide their own!

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One might think there'd be added security after a Friday night game, but apparently the powers-that-be think video surveillance is enough. Seems to me that tracking down violent delinquents after the fact, thanks to social media, is a poor substitute for arresting them on the spot.

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On why there were no Transit Police at the station after the game or why it took so long for them to respond but at least the detectives did their job and tracked down these troublemakers with the assistance of the Quincy school officials.

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And between teenage boys from Quincy and Deluxbury even less shocking. But at least they didn't mask up and make almost impossible to identify them.

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In the 1980s people came from all the suburbs to randomly attack people in the city - and they got away with it.

Happened to a couple of my housemates. Another friend was attacked in one of those suburbs only to have the cops talk about "we don't have big city crimes" and do all that they could to not bother investigating the attack.

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Back when I was young enough to be poured out of a cab at my place in Charlestown at an hour I haven’t seen in about 15 years, I got cold cocked by a muppet from Methuen. Which tracks.

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