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Person shot on Boston Common

A person was shot near the Brewer Fountain on Boston Common shortly before 10:10 p.m.

The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

Not long after, police stopped a possible suspect and recovered a gun across Tremont Street.

That man, Dana Loder, 30, of Lynnfield, was not initially charged with the shooting. but with illegal possession of a loaded firearm, second offense, illegal possession of a firearm, second offense, illegal possession of ammunition and possession of crack, police say. At his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court, he was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on June 17.

Tremont Street was shut at School Street.

Innocent, etc.



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Passed by the fountain around 6:30pm that night. I can remember that after the fountain was restored, it was beautifully illuminated, tables and food trucks were brought in, a police car was posted nearby - they even had a guy playing piano. Now, even though the majority of the Common and the Public Garden were a pleasure to walk through, by the time you get to the fountain it is clear that the city and the Friends of the Public Garden have ceded that area back to people who are constantly yelling, swearing, fighting, littering, and generally making other visitors to the park feel unsafe. Now, the area will probably feel like a demilitarized zone in the wake of this tragedy, where a modest expenditure of budget to bring in positive energy, and that has worked before, was absent.


Exactly the same situation outside the Central BPL. It was recently, briefly, lovely. Now it looks best when it's covered by bleachers for the Marathon.


I recently walked by and it looked like an active meth lab on the tables outside the library.
This used to be a safe place for homeless - with services coming to them (remember just a few years ago the Red Sox feeding people there after a world series win). It needs to be cleaned up.


You've summed up the problem there without even knowing it. The approach used to be to try to do something about unhoused. As in find them housing, employment, etc. Get them to stop being "the homeless". Now the approach is as if the homeless are endangered wildlife, "we must preserve them in their natural habitat".

Right. I'm sure the City is already cutting back on sanitation funds and all things cosmetic in parks now that office buildings and commercial/retail space unleased space is vacant at an alarming level. We are losing our tax revenue.


If only they cleaned up Boston Common like they do the Uhub comments


Put down the keyboard and go outside.


"they" is doing a lot of work here.


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Even if we're talking about two different "they"s.

If members of the general public don't feel safe at key points downtown -- and around Park Street Station would be one of those -- they stop coming downtown and that contributes to the downward pressure on economic activity in the central business district.

And the shooting is above-the-fold news. It's the most prominent local story on several Boston TV station websites this morning. That influences perception in the region and will discourage people from coming downtown.


Not arguing, exactly, but if a single non-fatal shooting almost halfway through a year of (so far) record-low violent crime citywide, likely between fellow members of the subculture that hangs out at the fountain after dark, with no other injuries or damage and the shooter apprehended immediately is enough to discourage someone from coming downtown, I would offer that such a person was probably looking for a reason not to come downtown in the first place.

Foot traffic from suburban scaredy-cats has never been what drives downtown businesses. The decline of office occupancy caused by remote work is what's behind the decline of economic activity, not sporadic crime on the Common, which if anything is lower than it was pre-pandemic.

What's the craze with crack and firearms?


Do you have anything else to do?

Maybe go smoke some crack and/or buy a firearm.


May get you some prison time, as we've seen today.

As city citizens we should be more concerned that a charter school in Dorchester had to close and go to remote learning because they feared their teachers and students would be assassinated at Shawmut station. The red line is not safe for kids.

Not rocket science to detect if a gun has recently been fired.

Sad to hear, but statistically Boston is safest it’s been in decades.

do certain registered posters just get banned?

I like Uhub because Adam is a great local reporter, and because there are some commenters who share interesting things or have informative insights, or engage in mostly sincere if often bordering on ridiculous internet-tough-guy type banter. Feels like a community spot that yes, sometimes gets heated or totally off the rails..

but certain people, who.. gee.. almost appear to be employed to leave bullshit comments, sometimes make this place feel like another internet wasteland joke.