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Mermaids up from the sea in Cambridge

Three memaids on

Greg Cook, who came up with the idea of a mermaid promenade along Memorial Drive and the Charles like the one in Coney Island, took photos of the walk that kicked off the Cambridge Arts River Festival yesterday.

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This gives a new meaning to

came up with the idea

Tiny merfolk, paper dragons, daddies carrying, mommies pushing - families, and groups, and individual grown ups -
What a parade!
Folk music, poet lauriates, international food; free water! paper cutting! chairs to just sit and watch!
What a day!

(the weather didn't hurt either)

SuzQ! - the Mermaid who swam up from Coney Island


This Cambridge!

The lady in the middle gets my vote, love the glasses .

We couldn't figure out how so many kids and adults had professional-looking mermaid costumes. Did they all bring them from home, or was the event lending them or something?

Many costumes were scattered on the ground at the start point for people to try on and then wear during the parade. I wore a dragon constume.

However, the three women in the photo were all dressed that way when they arrived.


I recognize a couple of the costumes from various watershed events/parades.

People used to use CDs as "scales" but those may not be in good supply anymore.