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Two charged with pistol whipping man in Fenway scooterjacking

Boston Police report arresting a Brockton man and a younger accomplice on charges they beat a food deliverer in the face with gun Monday night, then took his scooter for a little adventure through the alleys and streets of the Fenway and Audubon Circle before ditching the scooter near Beacon and St. Mary's streets in Brookline.

Police were able to track the pair's peregrinations through an Apple AirTag tracker the owner had installed on his scooter - and then, after they got rid of the scooter via the GPS on a phone in the victim's satchel that the two had allegedly also taken.

According to police, Alan Charles, 18, of Brockton, and a 17-year-old - so too young to have his name released - approached the scooter owner outside the Wendy's at 157 Massachusetts Ave. shortly before 11 p.m. and demanded he start the scooter because they were taking it.

While attempting to start the moped, the victim stated that one of the suspect’s brandished a firearm, pointed it at him, and struck him in the face with it before they both fled on the victim’s moped. The victim provided a description of both suspects and Officers started to canvas the area. The victim was transported to a local hospital for further treatment of his injuries.

Using the AirTag, police tracked the two as they initially wheeled around some of the public alleys in the area before heading out onto the open road, which included stretches of Park Drive all the way over by the former Landmark Center, then up Brookline Avenue and Miner Street up into Audubon Circle and through the intersection of Carlton and Mountfort streets back down to Beacon Street, where a Boston officer found the scooter in St. Mary's Court, an alley behind a building at Beacon and St. Mary's streets in Brookline.

As officers arrived on scene to secure the scooter, some started looking nearby and found the alleged pistol whipping pals.

Charles was scheduled for arraignment in Roxbury Municipal Court today on charges of armed assault to rob and armed robbery, according to court records. His slightly young accomplice was scheduled for arraignment in Roxbury court as delinquent for armed robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Another must do for 36 hours in Boston, along with moped tours of Back Bay and fentanyl rides in the Common.


Dare you to find one.


That's the bit, huh?

I suppose it's cheaper than any of my hobbies.

if your entire life revolves around "let me be the fastest commenter with the shittiest comments in the history of this site"


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I am so glad they were caught. I was listening to the scanner and was exhausted just listening to the foot chases. Thank you law enforcement for the team verbal communication and physical exertion effort I heard you go through to get these 2 losers who are toxic to society. Now it's in the judge's hands.


"police tracked the two as they initially around"
"As officers arrived on scene to secure the officer"

Fixed, thanks!


but the scooter itself is probably rightfully illegal

they are unlicensed, frequently ignore all traffic regulations, and cause serious danger to pedestrians, bicyclisst and vehicle drivers

but the poor guys is just trying to make a living and I feel bad for him

there are a serious problem in the Fenway. so are the punks that come here from other places to cause problems

hope they spend some time in jail


One of those things is not like the other. Two people on a scooter would be like a circus act being performed.